Gennaio 24, 2010

S50A, Tine Brajnik

First licensed in 1963. Primary interest in amateur radio is contesting. Was holder of YU3EY from 1965 –1989

, YT3AA 1989-1992, S52AA 1992-1995.

Operated at W3AU, PJ2CC, P3AA, A61AJ, P49V, HC8N,CN3A  and others.

Participated in all WRTCs, was organizer of WRTC 2000 in Slovenia and is at the present time a chairman of WRTC sanctionning committee. He is president of Slovenia contest club who organizes EU HF Championship and SCC RTTY contest. He is also a  member of CQWW Contest Committee. He was elected into CQ Contest Hall of Fame (no. 20).

As contester he won many contests of which numerous WAE and CQWW ones on all modes

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, mostly in single operator categories. For example, he was winner of all three WAE contests in 1997, hold EU records in CQWW contests etc.

He owns a SO2R setup station in countryside location near Ljubljana,  the capitol city of Slovenia.