Febbraio 08, 2013

OH6LI, Jukka Klemola

OH6LI Jukka pic for IK2QEI  Stefano

Licensed 1982

Koupit Priligy

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, won his first novice contest the same year. Hooked in contesting ever since.
The CW copying skills were built in the early 80’s using a home made receiver.

Calls: OH6LI, OH1AF, OH3TR, OH4A, OH0V, PJ9A, 4J1FW, W3LPL and many others.

Experience from single op single band operations to a large multi mults, like PJ9A and W3LPL.
Maintains OH4A and OH0V contest stations around the year.
Member of the CQ WW Contest Committee.

When not in contests, studies Supply Chain Management at Häme University of Applied Sciences.