Febbraio 04, 2009

K1DG, Doug Grant


He was first licensed in 1967 at the age of 13.
His primary interest in amateur radio is contesting. He has operated at
many of the top multi-op stations in the world

, including W2PV, K3LR,
KC1XX, K1EA, VP2E, KP2A, 6D2X, PJ9B and more.

He was the winner (with K1AR) of the first WRTC in 1990, and has also won bronze medals with partners K1AR and N2NT at the WRTCs in 2000 and 2006.

He owns two SO2R stations, one in NH and a new one in ME (N1LI,
located on IOTA NA-137), and has won numerous contests in the
Single-op, Single-op Assisted, and Multi-Single categories.

Doug compiled the “CQ Amateur Radio Almanac”, and has been the
moderator of the Dayton Hamvention Contest Forum since 1994. He has
served on the ARRL Contest Advisory Committee and is a member of the

CQWW Contest Committee.
He is a Director and “professor” of Contest University.
Kauf von Amoxil